Why is Ethiopia prone to drought?

In summary, climate change leading to global warming and reduced rainfall, coupled with population pressure, deforestation and change in land use are all major factors in the increasing risk of drought in Ethiopia.

Is Ethiopia drought prone?

The Northwestern Escarpment of the Ethiopian Rift Valley has been frequently affected by droughts for decades. The area is among the most drought-prone and chronically food-insecure parts of the country.

Are droughts common in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is highly vulnerable to severe seasonal droughts, having experienced them every decade since 1953. The 1983-1985 drought caused up to an estimated million famine-related deaths.

How is Ethiopia affected by droughts?

The majority of Ethiopia’s people are agriculturalists, dependent on rain-fed crops or pastoralists, earning a living through livestock. However, recurrent droughts have eroded their assets: crops have failed and farmers, too desperate to leave land fallow and let it recover, are forced to keep degrading their soils.

What is the main causes of drought?

A drought is caused by drier than normal conditions that can eventually lead to water supply problems. Really hot temperatures can make a drought worse by evaporating moisture from the soil. … A drought is a prolonged period with less-than-average amounts of rain or snow in a particular region.

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When did the drought start in Ethiopia?

After a record harvest in October 2007, Ethiopia settled into a drought. Little rain fell during the October and November rainy season, and rainfall was predicted to be below normal in the March-to-May rainy season as well, said the Famine Early Warning System Network.

What caused the drought in Ethiopia 2015?

The areas of north and central Ethiopia suffered their worst drought in decades in 2015, a year marked by a strong El Niño. … They found that El Niño made this rare drought even drier in the Kiremt season.

Which areas of Ethiopia are frequently affected by drought?

According to USGS report (2016), areas that were most severely affected were North Eastern, Rift Valley Areas, Eastern and Southern and South Eastern parts of the country that were largely inhabited by the pas- toralist communities whose livelihood depend primarily on livestock.

How is Ethiopia affected by climate change?

Ethiopia is vulnerable to many of the effects of climate change, including increases in average temperature and changes in precipitation. … Although diarrhoeal deaths are projected to decline to about 15,500 towards 2070, the proportion of deaths attributable to climate change is projected to rise to approximately 14.1%.

What are 3 causes of drought?

Here are the 5 natural and human causes of drought:

  • 1) Land and water temperatures cause drought. …
  • 2) Air circulation and weather patterns also cause drought. …
  • 3) Soil moisture levels also contribute to drought. …
  • 4) Drought can also be a supply and demand of water issue.
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What are natural causes of drought?

A lack of water in stores such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and aquifers (water stored underground naturally) can lead to drought. Areas that rely on rainfall and surface water are more likely to experience drought. Surface water quickly evaporates in warm, dry conditions leading to an increased risk of drought.

What causes rain drought?

When rainfall is less than normal for a period of weeks to years, streamflows decline, water levels in lakes and reservoirs fall, and the depth to water in wells increases. If dry weather persists and water-supply problems develop, the dry period can become a drought.