You asked: Why Germany succeeded in annexing Cameroon?

To increase German investment in order to create jobs and increase revenue. To secure new market for the German product especially after the British restricted. German trade in the Congo treaty in 1884. To increase monopoly in order to make huge profits.

Why did Germany come out successful in annexing Cameroon?

German traders have been involved in trade with West African peoples in the area that later became Cameroon since the late 1860s. … Bismarck’s turn to economic protectionism in 1879 and the rapid growth of overseas trade made it more important to secure access to both markets and sources of raw materials.

What did Germany do in Cameroon?

Protectorate of Cameroon

By then well over a dozen German companies based in Hamburg and Bremen, conducted trading and plantation activities in Cameroon.

Why did the German scramble for Cameroon?

The German joined the race in Cameroon because of balance of power in Europe. … Britain and Germany that were engaged in naval completion scramble for Cameroon. France wanted to compensate the lost of Alsace and Lorraine. The French treaties with the chiefs of southern coast of Cameroon such as king Pass All of Mlimba.

How did Germany colonize Cameroon?

German traders first arrived 1862 and in 1884 the German Empire signed an agreement with Kings Bell and Akwa under which Kamerun – German for Cameroon – became a German protectorate. Germany lost her colonies during the First World War (1914-1918) and Cameroon ceased to be a German possession in 1916.

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When did Germany lose Cameroon?

Germany ruJed Cameroon from 1884-1915 as a colony and in 1916 Cameroon was divided between Britain and France following the defeat of the Germans in Cameroon in 1916. Britain and -France ruled their· respective portions of Cameroon as mandated territories -0f the League of Nations from 1919-1945.

How did Germany annex Cameroon in 1884?

Cameroon has come a long way since 1884 when Germany signed an annexation treaty with Douala chiefs. … Subsequently, treaties were signed with other local chiefs or the Germans simply imposed their rule as they extended into the hinterland. While the Germans took over Douala in 1884, the British were in Victoria in 1885.

What was German administration in Cameroon?

The German administration in Cameroon lasted from 1884 to 1916. The head of the German administration was the Governor. The capital of German Cameroon was first in Douala, it was transferred to Buea in 1901 and to Yaounde in 1907.

Who annexed Cameroon for Germany?

History FROM 3

In April 1883, the German traders in Cameroon called on the German Government to annex Cameroon and the government accepted and sent an imperial commissioner to sign treaties with the natives. In February 1884, Bismark appointed Dr .