Your question: How can I start MTN mobile money business in Ghana?

How do I become a MTN Mobile money agent in Ghana?

How to register MTN mobile money

  1. You must own a registered limited company or its equivalent.
  2. You must fill in and submit a form known as the Agent Recruitment Form.
  3. You must fill in and submit a form known as the Agent Account Handler Form.
  4. You must meet the minimum Merchant/Agent code of ethics requirements.

How do I register for MTN MoMo agent?

For consumers who want to be MoMo agents/ MoMo merchant network can:

  1. Call MoMo customer care on 083 135 (ask for MoMo desk)
  2. Email to sign up.
  3. A dedicated team will assist them accordingly.
  4. Documents such as ID and residential address will be required during the application process.

How much does one need to start a mobile money business?

Have a deposit of UGX 80,000/= (Eighty Thousand Shillings) to purchase the kit. Fill in an application form. Have starting Float of UGX 2,000,000/= (Two Million shillings)

How do I become an MTN agent?

How to become a MoMo Agent by Self Onboarding

  1. Dial *502# with your MTN phone number.
  2. You receive a prompt to approve your MTN SIM registration details to be used as your MoMo wallet ID KYC.
  3. Select 1 Yes to accept the T&C and to continue to the next step.
  4. Create your 4 digit PIN as prompted.
  5. Reconfirm your 4 digit PIN.
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What are the charges of MTN mobile money?

MoMo Tariffs

Transaction Point Services Transaction Limit (GHS) Charges (GHS)
At Agents *Cash Out GHS 0.5
* On Your Mobile Money Transfer (P2P) 1%

How do I become a MoMo agent in Ghana?

Registration process

Select your region in which you intend to operate and send. You will receive a reference number via SMS. Write the reference number received on the MoMo registration forms. MTN MoMo Agent will call and also visit your location for inspection.

Can I register MTN mobile money myself?

Log on to MTN Mobile Money official website. Click on “Register”. Enter your username which is your phone number and preferred Mobile Money Pin. … A one-time password will be sent to your phone.

How do mobile money agents earn?

The agent earns commission from the deposit, withdrawal, buying airtime and paying bills for the customers. The commission of agents reduced significantly after the introduction of the one percent tax on mobile money withdrawals in July 2018.

How can I use MTN mobile money?

All you need to do is:

  1. Check the recipient has set up their MTN Mobile Money account and make sure you have their Mobile Money number.
  2. Choose ‘Mobile Money Transfer’ from our service options.
  3. Select ‘MTN Mobile Money’ as the payout-network.
  4. Select the currency and the amount you want to send.

How can I open MTN Mobile money account?

You can register at any MTN mobile money agent location nationwide or at any GTbank Branch Offices and MTN Walk-In Centres. Registration requires a mobile money compatible SIM. If your SIM is not mobile money compatible, you may simply purchase one from the agent.

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Does MoMo agent use POS?

MoMo services allow registered agents to perform transactions for customers. … Simply put, Agents carry out cash withdrawal for customers without an ATM card or POS machines.

How can I register for MTN share and sell?

The second way of activating the MTN Share and Sell service is by dialing *600*Default PIN*Your New PIN* Your New PIN# from your phone i.e. if you want to register your PIN as 4321, you will dial *600*0000*4321*4321#.

How do I become a SIM card registration agent?

To apply for an Airtel smartAGENT, all you need to do is to visit any Airtel office nearest to you, then dial 743 on your line (of course it should be an Airtel line). You may choose to download the smartAGENT application form, fill and submit same.