Your question: How did Germany colonize Cameroon?

German traders first arrived 1862 and in 1884 the German Empire signed an agreement with Kings Bell and Akwa under which Kamerun – German for Cameroon – became a German protectorate. Germany lost her colonies during the First World War (1914-1918) and Cameroon ceased to be a German possession in 1916.

Why did Germany invade Cameroon?

In 1883, the German government asked German merchants their opinion about the development of West African trade; the merchants complained about British and French competition. As a result, Bismarck ordered his local representative, Dr. Gustav Nachtigal, to proceed with the annexation.

When did Germany Colonise Cameroon?

In spite of the predominant role of the British along the coast, in 1884 the Germans claimed the region as Kamerun. The explorer Gustav Nachtigal arrived in July 1884 to annex the Douala coast. The Germans moved inland over the years, extending their control and their claims.

How did Germany annex Cameroon in 1884?

In April 1883, the German traders in Cameroon called on the German Government to annex Cameroon and the government accepted and sent an imperial commissioner to sign treaties with the natives. In February 1884, Bismark appointed Dr . Nachtigal to head a mission to Cameroon and Fernando PPo.

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Did Germany Colonise Cameroon?

Kamerun was an African colony of the German Empire from 1884 to 1916 in the region of today’s Republic of Cameroon.

What was Cameroon originally called?

Originally, Cameroon was the exonym given by the Portuguese to the Wouri river, which they called Rio dos Camarões—”river of shrimps” or “shrimp river”, referring to the then abundant Cameroon ghost shrimp. Today the country’s name in Portuguese remains Camarões.

What was German administration in Cameroon?

The German administration in Cameroon lasted from 1884 to 1916. The head of the German administration was the Governor. The capital of German Cameroon was first in Douala, it was transferred to Buea in 1901 and to Yaounde in 1907.

How did Britain annex Cameroon?

Britain eventually entered the race for the annexation of Cameroon because in 1884, Britain discovered a secret plot by Germany to annex Cameroon. 2. The French advanced from the South of Cameroon was now seen as a threat to British commercial interest. The French had even signed treaties with King Pass All of Malimba.

How did Cameroon become a country?

French Cameroon achieved independence on January 1, 1960. After Guinea, it was the second of France’s colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa to become independent. On 21 February 1960, the new nation held a constitutional referendum, approving a new constitution. On 5 May 1960, Ahmadou Ahidjo became president.

Why did the European scramble for Cameroon?

Scramble to annex Cameroon just like the scramble of Arica, the scramble for Cameroon was necessited by economic, political and social reasons. The British, French and Germans wanted trade monopoly in order to increase their profit. … The Europeans needed labourers from Cameroon to work in plantations.

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Who colonized Cameroon?

For 77 years, Cameroon was controlled by three European powers before becoming fully independent in 1960. In 1884, Germany invaded Cameroon during the so-called “Scramble for Africa,” the period of imperialism that saw European countries dominate most of the continent.