Your question: How do you send money from Ghana to Nigeria through Ecobank?

How can I send money from Ghana to Nigeria?

ATL helps you send money from Ghana to Nigeria in 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter Amount. Enter amount you want to send or recipient to receive.
  2. Add Recipient. Select an existing recipient or add a new recipient.
  3. Confirm and Pay. Confirm your transfer and complete payment for your transfer.

How do I transfer money from Ecobank to Nigeria?

The simple code to transfer money from Ecobank, *326#, is all you need to know to transfer money from Ecobank to other banks, recharge your phone, pay bills, and view your account activity.

How do I make an Ecobank transfer?

The Ecobank USSD transfer code for mobile banking in Nigeria is *326#. You can dial the shortcode *326# and make transactions on your mobile phone including deposits, withdrawals, sending money to family and friends.

Does Ecobank have Western Union?

Ecobank has a long-standing relationship with Western Union. Western Union can be sent or received using the following: ATMs* (receive only) At Ecobank branches and agent locations.

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Which app can I use to send money to Nigeria?

TalkRemit is the fast secure and low-cost online money transfer service for sending money to Nigeria. Our trusted global remittance platform and online money transfer app is the most convenient way to transfer money to Nigeria. It’s safe, reliable and hassle-free.

What is the best way to send money to Nigeria?

The Best Way to Send Money to a Nigerian Bank Account

If you have a friend or relative in Nigeria and want to send them money, using Ping Express is the fastest, easiest, least expensive and most secure way to do it.

How do I get a transfer pin for Ecobank?

To create ecobank ussd code customers should follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *326# from the mobile number registered and linked to your EcobankNigeria account.
  2. Input the debit card linked to your Ecobank account.
  3. Create a secret PIN to be used to authorize the Ecobank transactions.

What is the code to transfer money from Ecobank?

To transfer money from your EcoBank account to any bank account in Nigeria, dial *326# and follow the on-screen command to complete transaction. The money is transferred and you receive an SMS informing you your transaction was successful.

How do I register for USSD Ecobank?

To register for the Ecobank Nigeria USSD service, you’d need the following: A mobile phone. An account with Ecobank. Debit card.

How to Register:

  1. Dial *326#
  2. Select Create PIN.
  3. Enter your Ecobank Account as requested.
  4. Enter your debit card details.
  5. Create a 4-digit PIN.
  6. Confirm your 4-digit PIN.
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Does Ecobank do MoneyGram?

Ecobank Nigeria has launched MoneyGram Outbound Money Transfer Service. The newly launched ”MoneyGram Naija Sends” service allows Nigerians to send money abroad through any of about 500 branches of Ecobank Nigeria, while the funds are received in the specified currency in the receiving country.

What is Ecobank online?

Secure, efficient and convenient banking is at your fingertips. Ecobank uses Secure Access, an online security initiative designed to make your online banking even safer and give you peace of mind. Account Summary lets you to check your balance, monitor account activity and keep track of your spending.

How do I activate Ecobank Mobile banking?

To launch the app, click on the Ecobank Mobile icon on your mobile phone. To verify your mobile device, dial *326# using your registered number and perform a PIN change. Log-in to the app and start banking.

What is Ecobank pay?

Ecobank Pay is an innovative, cost-effective and convenient digital payment solution that will enable businesses to enjoy quick settlement, grow sales, increase customer loyalty and make it easier for them to expand into new markets.”

How many countries have Ecobank?

Today, Ecobank is the leading pan-African bank with operations in 36 countries across the continent.

How do I withdraw money from Ecobank ATM?

How an ATM works

  1. PIN. Insert your card into the machine and enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) given to you by Ecobank.
  2. Balance. Check your balance by selecting this option on the screen.
  3. Cash. Select the cash withdrawal option and indicate how much money you want. The machine will dispense this amount.
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