Your question: How far away is Morocco from Tunisia?

Is Tunisia close to Morocco?

It is bound by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Morocco to the west, Mauritania and Mali to the southwest, Niger to the southeast, Libya to the east and Tunisia to the northeast…. … It is completely surrounded by Senegal to the north, east, and south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west….

How do you get from Tunisia to Morocco?

The most affordable way to get from Morocco to Tunis is to fly, which costs MAD 1,600 – MAD 3,000 and takes 7h 25m. What is the fastest way to get from Morocco to Tunis? The quickest way to get from Morocco to Tunis is to fly which costs MAD 2,100 – MAD 4,400 and takes 5h 27m.

How long does it take from Morocco to Tunisia?

Distance from Casablanca to Tunis is approximately 1660 kilometers.

Flights from Casablanca to Tunis • Airlines & Flight Duration.

Airline & Journey Duration
Royal Air Maroc CMN ➝ TUN 2 hrs 30 mins

Can I fly from Tunisia to Morocco?

The cost-effective way to get from Tunisia to Morocco is to fly, which costs $110 – $230 and takes 6h 38m.

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Is Morocco better than Tunisia?

Tunisia had a higher literacy rate at about 82% compared to Morocco’s 68.5%. However, Morocco has a lower unemployment rate at 10% compared to Tunisia’s 15.9%. In terms of economic comparison, the GDP per capita of Tunisia is $11,800 while Morocco has a lower GDP per capita of $8,600.

Is Tunisia cheaper than Morocco?

1. Re: Is Tunisia as cheap as Morocco? tunisia is relatively more expensive than morocco but not a lot, you can find accomodation for arround 25 dinars a night = 20 dollars, and with 10 dinars per day you can eat and drink .

Is it safe to drive from Morocco to Tunisia?

You can not drive from Morocco to Tunisia. There’s a country called Algeria in between the two, and the border between Morocco and Algeria has been closed to all traffic since 1994. This used to be a great trip. It’s not possible anymore since the border between Morocco and Algeria is closed to vehicular traffic.

How far is Tunisia from Morocco by plane?

Distance from Morocco to Tunisia is 1,572 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 977 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Morocco and Tunisia is 1,572 km= 977 miles.

Where is Tunisia at?

Tunisia is situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Delta. It is bordered by Algeria on the west and Libya on the south east.

Is there a ferry from Tunisia to Morocco?

The best way to get from Tunis to Morocco without a car is to car ferry and bus which takes 10 days 6h and costs $550 – $900. … It takes approximately 7h 27m to get from Tunis to Morocco, including transfers.

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