Your question: How much is the flight from USA to Kenya?

What airlines fly to Kenya from USA?

Top Airlines Offering Flights to Kenya

  • Emirates.
  • China Southern.
  • Turkish Airlines.
  • SWISS.
  • Etihad Airways.
  • American Airlines.
  • Kenya Airways.
  • Air France.

Are there direct flights from the US to Kenya?

No carriers currently offer nonstop flights to Kenya from the United States. International passengers can choose from British Airways, KLM, Emirates, Delta, American Airlines, Air France, Korean Air, United, Jet Airways, Saudia, and Condor. Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi is a must-see.

How much is ticket to Kenya?

The cheapest ticket to Kenya from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $348 one-way, and $578 round-trip. The most popular route is New York John F Kennedy Intl to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Intl and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $578.

How many hours is from USA to Kenya?

Flying time from United States to Nairobi, Kenya

The total flight duration from United States to Nairobi, Kenya is 17 hours, 39 minutes.

Is it safe in Kenya?

While Kenya is a safe destination compared to some surrounding African countries, there are issues with crime in major cities, and many government travel advisories warn travelers of the threat of terrorism.

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How can I go to Kenya?

Travel Alert

Kenya’s main airport is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), located 15km/9mi southeast of Nairobi. Kenya’s second international Airport is Moi International Airport (MBA), located 9km/6mi west of Mombasa, but aside from flights to Zanzibar, this is primarily used for domestic and charter flights.

Does American fly to Kenya?

American Airlines Tickets to Kenya

Travelocity is proud to offer some of the lowest prices on American Airlines one-way and round-trip flights to many popular destinations in Kenya. … We provide free 24 hour cancellations and a wide variety of flight routes so that you can book your next trip with confidence.

Is Nairobi Safe?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. The capital city of Kenya is not a safe place to travel, especially if you are not vigilant enough. You can easily become prey to robbers, muggers or pickpockets. The city is generally safe during the daylight, however, going to some parts at night alone is too risky.

How long is a flight from LAX to Kenya?

The total flight duration from Los Angeles, CA to Nairobi, Kenya is 19 hours, 50 minutes.

What airlines fly out of Kenya?

List of airlines of Kenya

Airline IATA Hub airport(s)
Kenya Airways KQ Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Timbis Air 2T Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Tubania Aviation Group Wilson Airport (Kenya)
Knight Aviation Wilson Airport (Kenya)