Your question: What does Bamidele mean in Yoruba?

What is the meaning of Bamidele?

Bamidele, meaning “Follow me home” in the Yoruba language, is a given name, sometimes shortened to Dele.

What does Dele means in Yoruba?

Dele is a Nigerian given name and surname of Yoruba meaning “come home” It is also a diminutive of names such as Ayodele (joy comes home), Akindele (warrior comes home), Oladele (wealth comes home), Oludele (God/my lord comes home), Adedele (crown/royalty comes home), etc.

What does kashimawo mean in Yoruba?

His name, Kashimawo, means “Let us wait and see”. Moshood Abiola was his father’s twenty-third child, but the first of them to survive infancy, hence the name ‘Kashimawo’.

What does folake mean in Yoruba?

Meaning of Folake: Name Folake in the Yoruba origin, means One who is taken care with wealth.. Name Folake is of Yoruba origin and is a Girl name.

What is Moti in Yoruba?

English Translation. I got it.

What is Dele short for?


Acronym Definition
DELE Delete
DELE Diploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera (Spanish proficiency test)
DELE Diplôme d’Espagnol Langue Étrangère (French: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)
DELE Diploma De Espanol Lengua Extranjera (Spanish: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)

Who plays Abby shoulder?

Folake Olowofoyeku (born October 26, 1983) is a Nigerian actress and musician. She currently stars in the 2019 Chuck Lorre CBS sitcom Bob Hearts Abishola.

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