Your question: What does Chika mean in Igbo?

Chika (Chíkà) is an Igbo name meaning ‘God is supreme’, it’s made of the words chí ‘God, universe, originator’, and kà ‘greater, superior’

What is first daughter in Igbo?

Ada means “first daughter” in NdiAniche-Uno in Arondizuogu, a clan among others of the Igbo People. Its equivalent for “first son” in the same clan is Tahitii and Okpara across all Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.

What is God’s love in Igbo?

Ifunanya chukwu means the love of God; Eze ifeoma means King of Fortune; Chukwu ma n’pan means God who knows all my problems.

What is God is good in Igbo?

Chioma (Oma, Chy): Good God!

What is my Igbo name?

Igbo names for boys

Chibueze Bueze, Chibu, Chibby God is King
Chibuifem Ifem God is my light
Chibuihe Chibu God is light
Chibuike Buike, Chibu, Ike God is strength

What is the meaning of chimamanda?

The name Chimamanda is primarily a female name of African – Nigeria origin that means My God Will Not Fall/Fail Me. The name was brought into contemporary culture by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous Nigerian writer.

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What is the best Igbo name for a girl?

Names such as ‘Ifenkili’, ‘Omalicha’. ‘Mma’ and ‘Ola’ are some of the most common praise Igbo names for girls. The names signify that the child is precious and priceless.

What is Dede in Igbo?

Examples. For example, in Igbo, you call your older brother (and I think sister) Dede or Dede + Brother’s name.

What does Okechukwu mean?

o-kechuk-wu, ok(e)-chu-kwu. Popularity:9970. Meaning:gift of god.

What does Aku mean in Igbo?

Aku: Aku are winged termites most common during the rainy season when they swarm; also means “wealth.”

Is Chike A Igbo?

Chike is a native of Onitsha, Anambra State in Nigeria. He comes from a family of four children. His family was musically talented, which influenced his decision to pursue a career in music. He is a graduate of Covenant University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

What is the meaning of chisom?

Meaning : God is with me.

What is the meaning of Ugwu?

/Ùgwù/1. Gender: m. Respect; Reverence or Dignity.