Your question: Which direction is Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe lies between the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers in south central Africa. It is bounded by Zambia in the north and northwest, by South Africa in the south, by Mozambique in the east and north-east; and by Botswana in the south-west.

Is Zimbabwe south or east?

Zimbabwe (/zɪmˈbɑːbweɪ, -wi/), officially the Republic of Zimbabwe, is a landlocked country located in Southeast Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers, bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the south-west, Zambia to the north, and Mozambique to the east.

What is the direction of Zimbabwe from South Africa?

South Africa To Zimbabwe road map

Zimbabwe is located nearly North East side to South Africa. The bearing degree from South Africa To Zimbabwe is 25 ° degree.

Which direction is UK from Zimbabwe?

Uk is located nearly North side to Zimbabwe. The bearing degree from Zimbabwe To Uk is 339 ° degree. The given North direction from Zimbabwe is only approximate.

What country is to the west of Zimbabwe?

It shares a 125-mile (200-kilometre) border on the south with the Republic of South Africa and is bounded on the southwest and west by Botswana, on the north by Zambia, and on the northeast and east by Mozambique.

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Where is Zimbabwe located geographically?

Geography of Zimbabwe

The landlocked country of Zimbabwe lies to the south of the equator and is part of the African continent. It borders Zambia to the north-west, Mozambique to the north-east, South Africa and Botswana to the south.

Which part of Africa is Zimbabwe in?

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa lying wholly within the tropics. It straddles an extensive high inland plateau that drops northwards to the Zambezi valley where the border with Zambia is and similarly drops southwards to the Limpopo valley and the border with South Africa.

Which direction is Zambia from Zimbabwe?

Zambia is located nearly east side to Zimbabwe.

Which river is north of Zimbabwe?


Zambezi River Zambesi, Zambeze
Countries Zambia Angola Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe Mozambique
Physical characteristics
Source Main stem source. Zambezi Source National Forest
• location Ikelenge District, North-Western Province, Zambia

How many provinces are there in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe currently has ten provinces, two of which are cities with provincial status.

Provinces of Zimbabwe
Location Republic of Zimbabwe
Number 10 Provinces
Populations 1,200,337 (Bulawayo) – 2,123,132 (Harare Province)
Areas 1,710 km2 (659 sq mi) (Bulawayo) – 28,967 sq mi (75,025 km2) ( Matabeleland North)

How long does it take to fly from England to Zimbabwe?

The average flight time from the UK to Zimbabwe is around 13 hours. From London you could fly with Kenyan Airways and reach Harare via Nairobi.

Is Zimbabwe in East Africa?

Zimbabwe. … Zimbabwe is situated in the southernmost part of East Africa. With Mozambique along the eastern. border of Zimbabwe, the East African country of Zambia is to the north of Zimbabwe.

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What is the topography of Zimbabwe?

The topography of the country is a mix mountains and valleys providing habitat to a variety of wildlife. The landscapes range from grasslands, to floodplains, mountains, to a variety of types of woodlands including evergreen forests, rainforest, and acacia woodlands among others.

Why is Zimbabwe so poor?

Why Poverty is Rampant in Zimbabwe

Since Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980, its economy has primarily depended on its mining and agricultural industries. … As a result, the government began printing more money, leading to widespread hyperinflation of the Zimbabwean dollar.